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6 Gifts Yogis Will Love, Inspired by the Sacral Chakra



Want to wow every yogi on your list? Here are the best (subtle) energy boosters that promise to bring the second chakra back into alignment.

The sacral chakra enhances your ability to feel in this world; it’s also what houses your sensuality and fertile creativity. To support it functioning optimally, these gifts serve as conduits for feeling intimately connected to yourself as well as your partner. 

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Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

creativity • feelings • emotions • empathy • sensuality

Color: orange

Element: water

These 6 items are inspired by the Sacral Chakra.

1. Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe

The spa lover in your life will appreciate the luxurious vibe of this sophisticated waffle robe. Help ease the transition from watery realms to dry land with this elegantly cut must-have that gets softer with every wash ($98,

2. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Set

Help a dear one surf the currents of emotions (without getting sucked under) by giving the gift of mindfulness. This wave-embroidered meditation bundle comes with a cushion, bolster, and pranayama pillow made from organic cotton and filled with sustainably sourced buckwheat hulls ($169 for the set,

3. Upstate Dye Kit

The nascent artisans in your circle will swoon at the chance to follow their color bliss. Each kit comes with a handcrafted dye mixture, a silk handkerchief, a string for tie-dying, and a bonus tutorial in shibori (a Japanese dyeing technique) for makers who are eager to experiment (from $48,

4. Province Apothecary Lover’s Kit

Support your sweetie’s sensual proclivities with these wildcrafted lotions free of hormone-disrupting chemicals. Lover’s Oil, a blend of 10 deliciously fragrant essential oils, will bestow a heightened sensorial experience on anyone it touches ($34,

5. Kailo Infinite Balance Essence Kit

The ultimate gift for the chakra-observant: a full-spectrum chakra balancing kit with scents to soothe any hint of emotional dysregulation. Open the chakras to their full potential with concentrated organic essences packaged in a salvaged-leather case ($198,

6. Moonbath Waning Moon Bath Tea

Fresh mint and rosemary lend reflective properties to this Ayurveda-inspired bath additive. Intentional botanicals that sync up with the moon’s cycles will encourage your favorite soakers to pay more attention to their waxing and waning energy levels ($20,

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About the Author
Elizabeth Marglin is a yogi and writer in Lyons, Colorado.

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Benefits of Meditation

How a Daily Chakra Meditation Unlocked More Time and Space in My Life




One yogi never had enough hours in the day to tend to it all, much less herself. Here’s how this regular Tantric practice inspired a change.

A YJ editor learns about the power of abundance through a daily chakra meditation challenge. 

As a yogi, I’ve grasped the concept of abundance—intellectually. But as someone easily whacked out of balance by overbearing personalities or overwhelming workloads, I’ve never been entirely convinced that the universe could accommodate both my needs and virtually anything else at hand. Things get crowded quickly. My chest tightens and hip flexors grip; I ditch plans to practice yoga, stop making nourishing meals, and skip dates to connect with dear friends—or, most importantly, myself.

It may all go back to growing up in a Greek household, which involved what I’ll generously call a spirited communication style. Somehow, stillness and peace were elusive in a two-story home with big bedrooms and a finished basement. And this perceived lack of space spilled into an underlying, unchecked zero-sum mentality that has shaped my perspective ever since.

In early college, roommates and I lamented the supposed dearth of eligible partners in the dating scene. When peers sustained relationships, I’d shake my head and say, “they’re stealing from the sex pot,” as though, like a soup special on a cold day, our campus could just run out of love.

Last year, a yoga teacher and I showed up for a filming project and both felt under the weather. By mid-afternoon, I’d recovered; “I used up all the good vibes when you needed it most!” I joked. She (kindly) reminded me that there is an infinite source of healing for all.

This isn’t exactly what I thought I’d confront as I embarked on YJ’s month-long challenge to practice a chakra meditation every day. Finding calm? Sure. Less stress? Looked forward to that. Spiritual ecstasy? If I’m lucky, great—but not a must. Instead, it was time to take a look at my internal space-time continuum.

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Learn more about a chakra meditation and how to start a 31-day challenge as well. 

Balancing the Chakras

The 31-day challenge began without ceremony on New Year’s Day in Brussels, where my partner and I were visiting family. I sat in the unmade guest bed, welcomed a purring Chartreux voluntarily curled up in my lap, and fired up a 20-minute guided chakra meditation from legendary Tantra teacher Sally Kempton.

New to chakras? Here’s a quick primer: Chakras are whirling forces of subtle energy associated with different aspects of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. There are 7 (of many more) chakras primarily taught in yoga, and this is what they stand for:

  • Muladhara (Root): Earth, security, home, finances
  • Svadhisthana (Sacral): Water, creativity, sexuality
  • Manipura (Solar Plexus): Fire, sense of self
  • Anahata (Heart): Air, love
  • Visuddha (Throat): Space, communication from the heart’s truth
  • Ajna (Third Eye): Light, intuition
  • Sahasrara (Crown): Bliss, divine connection

(You can get sucked into learning more about the chakras here.)

They are strung along the sushumna nadi, a central channel of life force that runs from the base of the spine through the crown of the head. The idea is that balancing the chakras—by focusing breath, mantras (sounds), yantras (shapes), imagery, and colors in their respective locations along this totem—allows you to access this sacred streak of energy.

When I asked Sally about what happens when (and if) you open the central channel, she dangled a taste of nonduality. In Tantra, reality is a universe in which everyone is one with the divine. “You can become aware that your body is a formless, vast undulating center full of light and bliss,” she said. “It’s a fairly dramatic experience.” 

It all sounds esoteric, so I wouldn’t expect everyone to embrace it. But I’d microdosed on chakra practices for over 15 years, so I was ready to dive in. When I was 20, I found a random chakra book in my East Village sublet and journaled a root chakra affirmation that resonated: “I am safe, I trust in the natural flow of life, I take my natural place in the world content in the knowledge that all I need will come to me in the right time and place.” Years later, within the context of a vigorous flow, Seane Corn presented the chakras as a psychological roadmap for growth. 

Then I met Tantra and Kriya masters Alan and Sarah Finger, who truly brought the chakras to light and offered concrete techniques to harmonize them. They also answered a good question: How do you actually locate a chakra? For me, bija (seed) mantras were the entry point; if I focused enough, repeating the staccato sounds (such as lam for the root chakra) help me trace a pulse in a specific location (pelvic floor). 

Even so, beaming awareness and imagery to ambiguous areas in my body required concentration and good faith. As a result, the neurotic part of my brain didn’t focus on the usual storylines: deadlines, challenges, or omg how much time is left in this meditation?! I was lulled by the mantras’ vibrations, and all the visualizations inspired my imagination—a boon for anyone who spends too much time in Type-A territory.

There was a misstep when I first imagined elements—earth, water, fire, space, light, bliss—associated with each chakra. Before Brussels, I’d traveled to Rome, so my mind conjured scenes from the Colosseum: snarled roots in its underbelly; water rising in the amphitheater… I quickly decided not to instill scenes from such an infamous space.

Instead I coaxed meaningful imagery: Strong roots holding up the mermaid-like mahogany trees I’d seen on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula; emerald lakes tucked into rarely trekked valleys of the Sierra Nevada that I’d swam in; the pulse of my apartment stove’s burner enacting a flame in my belly; a tiny flame on a stick of palo santo in my heart center. A Magritte sky in my throat, leading to a golden hour light spilling in from my third eye and crown.

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The real test came later in the month, when my schedule packed up.

How the Chakras Created Space in My Body, Mind… and Life

Right away things shifted. I was still on holiday when my coworkers began trickling back into the office. Although I still checked my email—it may take a year of meditation to bust that habit—I didn’t feel my heart pound as they came in. I felt freedom as I visited museums, enjoyed the art nouveau architecture, and connected with family.

Instead of seeking the usual alone time when I returned to New York, I invited good friends over for dinner and king cake. Once I resumed the grind, that vacation halo lasted longer than usual. Each meditation felt like it was literally emptying me of clutter and fog, leaving me with clarity.

The real test came later in the month, when my schedule packed up. I prepared for an upcoming filming in another state. I assisted a week-long yoga training that lasted from early morning until evening, and then came home to complete the day’s work. Oh, and a friend from California came to stay with me.

Even for someone who doesn’t easily get overwhelmed, a lot was going on. And it would have been my default to shut out my friend, worry my way through the training, or just operate from the adrenaline.

There’s a pop culture adage that we all have the same amount of time in a day as Beyoncé. Maybe her secret is chakra meditations, because as I found space in my practice, my life opened up. I didn’t have to turn anything down, yet I didn’t feel resentful saying yes. All that inward focus cultivated a strong sense of embodiment. I could be present without losing my wits (or myself) in the process.

When the subway literally broke one morning before training, I didn’t agonize that I’d be late. I calmly walked 20 minutes to the nearest bus route, emailed my teacher, and meditated. (I showed up on time anyway.)

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During the training, I knocked over a tripod and it came crashing down during a calming restorative practice. I froze with horror; attempting to melt into my mat was futile. Shit happens, and I was grateful for a makeshift chakra meditation in that moment to move past embarrassment.

I felt peace in this chaotic schedule and could summon an abundance of presence, making deep connections with students at the training, laughing with my good friend at midnight, being kinder to my partner, and, most importantly, tending to myself. 

It may sound odd that I “allowed” myself these basic needs and simple pleasures, but it’s true: In the past, the weight of a to-do list or a lot of social obligations meant I didn’t have room for myself. I may not have experienced the splendor of the infinite universe (yet!), but this meditation expanded time and space so I could register the divine moments every day.  

I started my days with a cup of coffee on the sofa and read instead of clacking away at emails. I prepared an egg and avocado breakfast. I stole moments to enjoy the way the low winter sun lit the pastel buildings in Soho.

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40 Best Yoga Gifts of 2018




Want to wow every yogi on your list? Here are the best (subtle) energy boosters that promise to boost wellbeing, comfort, vitality, and joy.

Yogis are notoriously hard to shop for. Either they already own a gajillion pairs of yoga pants, malas, and essential oils—or they’ve gone the other extreme and taken a vow of asceticism. Enter these unique yoga gifts, which amplify the subtle energies of our chakras, keep us grounded, raise our vibe, and promote overall wellbeing. So, look no further: We’ve taken the legwork out of shopping this season by rounding up the best yoga gifts for 2018 and beyond. 

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About the Author
Elizabeth Marglin is a yogi and writer in Lyons, Colorado.

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