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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Withdrawal – What Is Delirium Tremens and Is It Dangerous?



Alcohol withdrawal occurs when someone who’s dependent on alcohol stops and experiences side effects. There are a variety of symptoms and side effects that range in severity. The most dangerous of these side effects are delirium tremens. This symptom of alcoholism is a result of heavy drinking for a long period of time. It […]

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Addiction in America

How Common Are Addiction and Alcoholism in the US?




The figures are even higher when it comes to the use of alcohol. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that almost 87% of US adults admit to drinking alcohol at some point in their lifetime, while more than half reporting that they have done so within the past month. Over 16 million American adults and almost 700,000 adolescents meet the benchmark for an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

In both human and financial terms, the impact of addiction is staggering. EVERY SINGLE YEAR in America:

  • Addiction costs American society $484 BILLION.
  • This is more than diabetes and cancer COMBINED.
  • approximately 570,000 people die because of drug use.
  • 440,000 people pass away because of tobacco-related illnesses.
  • Alcohol kills 85,000
  • 20,000 people die due to illegal drug use.
  • Prescription drug abuse kills more than 20,000
  • Approximately 100 US citizens die EVERY DAY because of fatal drug overdoses.

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Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Affects EVERY US Citizen

At the top of this article, there is a quote saying that 1 out of every 10 US citizens over the age of 12 is addicted to alcohol or drugs. Although that may seem like a high number, when you do the math, the results are positively chilling.

According to an article printed in the New York Times, the average American knows around 600 people. This means every person in America knows 60 other people who have a drug or alcohol disorder.

04 signs of addiction

Let that sink in for a moment, and then let’s go further.

You’re a typical American, aren’t you? Think about everyone you know. Are you surprised that YOU PERSONALLY KNOW 60 addicts and alcoholics?

Wait a minute,” you might say. “Most of those are just acquaintances. That doesn’t REALLY count.”

Fair enough.

That same article estimates that most Americans know between 10 and 25 other people well enough to be counted as trusted “real friends”.

That means in your personal circle of friends – people you know, trust, and maybe even loveyou might be close to as many as three people who are addicted to illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications.

That is what all of these statistics mean –ANYONE can suffer from the disease of addiction.

The addict or alcoholic in your life can be your husband or wife, one of your children, your brother or sister, your mother or father, someone you work with, or your best friend – ANYONE.

05 psychologcal signs addiction

It might even be YOU.

When you feel alienated and alone, it can be difficult to find the strength needed to deal with all of the difficulties caused by the disease of addiction.

But as you can see from all of the statistics – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Others are and have been where you are, and they have been able to regain their sobriety and return to a stable life. Take comfort and draw strength from that knowledge, because with help, you can do the same.

Northpoint Recovery is the premier drug and alcohol rehab program in the Inland Northwest, and proudly serves residents of Idaho, Washington State, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

06 drug alcohol detox

Northpoint’s experienced clinical staff understands the challenges you are facing, and they can help you create an individualized Evidence-Based Treatment plan that will allow you to take your first positive steps on your personal journey of recovery.

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Alcohol Addiction

I Got a DUI in Idaho – Now What?




“…we want to remind anyone who might think about getting behind the wheel after drinking that real lives are at stake, and that it is just not worth the risk of killing someone else or yourself.” ~Idaho State Police Sgt. Rich Adamson If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in the […]

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How Dry January Can Jump-Start Your Recovery




Try Abstaining for a Month and See Where It Takes You

You don’t necessarily have to have a drinking problem to take part in Dry January. Maybe, you’ve simply noticed that you’ve started to drink more and more. You might just be a recreational drinker and only drink during the weekends. It doesn’t matter.

Dry January can help you better understand your relationship with alcohol. You’ll learn more about yourself in the process. For example, you might figure out that you tend to drink when you’re stressed.

If you’ve been upping your alcohol intake, now is a good time to reset your body and mind. They’ll thank you! A little break from drinking can do wonders for your health.

If you’re like most people, you should be able to get through Dry January without a hitch. Sure, you might be tempted, but you won’t experience any intense withdrawal symptoms.

If you do experience intense withdrawal symptoms, at least you now know that you have a problem. Don’t let your addiction fester. Instead, get help for it as soon as possible.

Here, at Northpoint Recovery, we can help you do just that! If abstaining from alcohol is a lot more difficult than you thought it would be, our experts can assess your situation to determine whether you’re abusing alcohol. We’ll teach you more about addiction and create an individually-tailored treatment plan for you that will help you get back on the right track.

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