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Episode 15: Cultivating Mindful Intimate Relationships



After a long time of inactivity, I have resurrected the Live and Dare Podcast in order to interview Dr. Rick Hanson.

I met Dr. Rick during a conference in Melbourne, Australia, in July 2018. It was the first nation-wide meditation conference in Australia, organized by the Meditation Association of Australia, of which I’m part. I enjoyed his approach, method of teaching and message, so I decided to connect and exchange some ideas.


His work has been featured on the BBC, CBS, NPR, and other major media. His online Foundations of Well-Being program helps people use positive neuroplasticity to grow key inner strengths like resilience, self-worth, and compassion.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Rick’s journey into mindfulness and meditation
  • The key elements of a fulfilling intimate relationship, and how meditation can help you develop those
  • The practice of “thouing” the other as an expression of self-awareness and compassion
  • Developing a strong heart, and asserting one’s needs in relationships
  • Finding the balance between compassion and self-assertion
  • Integrating mindfulness and meditation in daily life
  • How to manage the side effects of traumatic experiences, and re-build ourselves after it
  • The neuropsychological foundation for lasting love
  • The four blunt questions that will show you were you are in the path, and where to focus on next
  • The importance of risking the dreaded experience

Episode 15: Cultivating Mindful Intimate Relationships

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Learn more about Dr. Rick Hanson’s work, visit his website.

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